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Sustainability can be achieved across many services and industries.

We can help you access green lending, project finance, sustainable financial products and more. Contact us to find out how your business and supply chain can benefit from the following opportunities.

Sustainability Linked Loans & Bonds: Linking the interest charged on a debt facility to an organisations commitment to environmental or social initiatives

Green Loans & Bonds: A fixed-income instrument designed specifically to support specific climate-related or environmental projects.

ESG & Sustainability Linked FX Solutions: Hedging of currency risk with FX options, linked to a range of sustainability targets with the FX provider.

ESG & Sustainability Linked Trade Finance: Trade Finance linked to a range of sustainability targets, with favourable terms or costs with the Trade Finance provider.

ESG & Sustainability Linked Credit Insurance: Integrate ESG considerations into corporate policies linked to credit insurance.

Carbon Credits: Securitise carbon credits into tradable carbon assets on a global carbon credit exchange.

Energy Efficiency Finance: Click here to enquire specifically about Xchainge’s range of Energy Efficiency Financing opportunities.

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