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Looking for finance to purchase equipment or to cover a gap in your cashflow? Xchainge can assist.

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Whether you’re looking to cover a short-term gap in cashflow by getting paid for your outstanding invocies or to purchase equipment to help grow your business, Xchainge have the right products to help

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Lending Solutions Criteria

Xchainge has broad lending criteria for businesses looking to use its platform.

For businesses seeking a loan from $25,000 to $25 million
Your minimum gross revenue per month must be $10,000
Your business must have operated for at least 6 months

Ben’s distribution business relies on consistent cashflow even when fruit and veg is not in season.

with Xchainge he can quickly find and secure an affordable lending product.

Naomi’s business relies on Italian cotton and consistent supply.

With Xchainge, Naomi can access a trade finance solution tailored to match her orders.

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