Sustainable Business Solutions

Becoming a more purpose driven sustainable business will help you to attract
more customers and increase existing customer loyalty.

Net Zero

Understand your business carbon footprint

Your carbon footprint is the most suitable estimate of the greenhouse gases emitted by your direct and indirect business operations and activities.

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Supply Chain Sustainability

Measure your Supply Chain Sustainability Performance

A sustainable supply chain involves continual monitoring and management. Procurement practices are changing and regulatory changes are forcing businesses to do more to understand and improve what happens in their supply chain.

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Complete a full ESG and Sustainability Report

Businesses in all markets around the world are under increasing pressure to be more transparent on Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) risks. Large corporations are pushing SME’s to identify, manage and control these risks to pass their supplier procurement assessment.

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Earn Rewards for becoming a more Sustainable Business

Becoming sustainable is a significant time commitment for a business owner, so we have developed a 4-step journey to make it more manageable. On completion of each step, your business will gain Xchainge Rewards, our program to acknowledge your commitment.

We want to educate business owners about the long-term benefits of becoming more sustainable – What is business sustainability? What are the benefits? Where do I start?

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