We help businesses transition to becoming more sustainable

The Xchainge platform helps companies understand how to reduce their carbon footprint and improve both the sustainability of their supply chains, and their overall business health.

Through our financial management platform, we provide access to sustainability solutions and alternative financial products

Creating sustainable businesses

Becoming sustainable is a big commitment of time for a business owner and that’s why we decided to put 10% of our revenue back into your business so that we can invest back into your sustainable journey.

Xchainge is not a bank. We use secure data connections with accounting software providers like Xero to be able to provide you with cashflow insights and offers that will help improve the financial health of your business.


What is a Sustainable Business?

Becoming a more purpose driven sustainable business, has many benefits including attracting new customers and increasing existing customer loyalty and improving staff engagement and attraction.

Whether you’re looking to become carbon neutral or understand risks in your supply chain, We believe that becoming a more sustainable business flows into your financial health. We provide cost saving insights that reveal opportunities to keep more of your money in your business. Xchainge have curated a range of cash management products that provide businesses with fast, secure access to funding and payment solutions.

Sustainable Business

The shift to sustainability is already underway. Together, we can accelerate innovation for healthier businesses.