Capital Solutions

Trade Advisory

While procuring or distributing capital goods, there are many financial and operational risks to consider. Xchainge trade experts can work with you on your strategy to limit risk and increase profit margins.

Trade & Procurement Strategy

Exporters can benefit from our trade payables solutions. For instance, you may want to extend one customer’s payment terms to ensure that you win that order, or you have the flexibility to offer customers a discount for early payment.

If you import capital goods, you can use our flexible financing solutions to request a discount for early payment to your supplier, or utilise our invoice finance product to keep your cashflow steady until the goods arrive in your warehouse.

Debt & Equity Investment

When a corporate has a special situation or restructures they can leverage from bespoke asset-secured credit solutions including receivables finance, working capital and inventory finance solutions and in some cases equity investment.

Scale-ups face the toughest challenge in finding the right funding partner to appropriately fund their growth and development. Xchainge will be your partner and help create a funding roadmap to future growth.

Structured Finance

As your business scales, to prepare for capital growth or unforeseen risks, our team can assess your options across the capital stack and find debt or equity investment that suits your circumstances..

Asset Lending

Capital equipment is beneficial when restructuring your finances. Our team has expertise in sourcing valuations and structuring asset backed finance solutions, and vendor finance for manufacturers.

Asset Backed & Vendor Finance

Some businesses have little or no direct exposure to cross border trade risk. Xchainge provides an asset backed lending solution for these companies. Both our payables and receivables products provide off-balance sheet cashflow support for trading with customers or suppliers.

Xchainge also supports vendors and distributors to create tailored finance programs, enabling their customers to spread the costs of capital equipment purchases or leases over longer payment terms.