SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

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Make cities and communities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable*.

The world is becoming increasingly urbanised each year. Over half the world’s population has lived in cities since 2007 and this number is set to grow by 60% by the year 2030*. Whilst cities account for only 3% of the world’s land mass, they produce 75% of all carbon emissions and consume 60-80% of all energy*. Compounding their disproportionate impact on our globe is the fact that many of the most densely populated cities are susceptible to the increasing impact of climate change and its effects on extreme weather. As these urban areas are so densely populated its paramount that they are constructed in a resilient manner, safeguarding them from any social, economic and human losses. Currently, nine out of ten people residing in urban areas worldwide are breathing air that failed to meet the World Health Organisation’s air quality guidelines*.

By creating incentives to reduce emissions in cities the prospect of improving air quality in urban areas improves dramatically. The improvement of air quality can be achieved by developing low/zero-carbon transport, creating zero emission zones or even enhancing incentives and infrastructure to accommodate for more walking and cycling**. SDG 11 also outlines the importance of preserving the unique cultures and natural heritage’s that gives character to Cities.

How businesses can assist with SDG 11:

The development and management of sustainable cities can appear economically impractical at a glance, but when you take into account the long-term benefits and implications of these developments it quickly becomes clear that it is the right, and only choice.

Climate change gives us all no alternative but to act and become more sustainable. Cities are going to play a vital role towards how well climate change is managed and the sooner we adapt the better. Businesses can play their part by becoming advocates for sustainability in their local communities or city. Small acts such as commuting on public transport, riding a bike and walking instead of driving, can all make an impact towards making cities a better environment for all inhabitants.




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